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Sunny Patch Puppys

We have Merle Schnauzers For Sale and you are just going to love them. As a Merle Schnauzer Breeder we delight in raising Mini Schnauzer Puppies until they can make the transition from our home to yours. We enjoy being a Mini Schnauzer Breeder because this is our way of helping to bring joy into the lives of others. These Merle Schnauzer Puppies can make your life richer in ways you can’t imagine if you’ve never had the pleasure of having these puppies before.

Raising Merle Schnauzer Puppies

Part of the fun of having Mini Schnauzers For Sale for you is that we get to raise all these lovable puppies until we find them new loving homes. We know that these puppies will be great additions to your home first because these puppies are by their very nature loyal companions. We work to bring out the best in them by providing them with everything they need including great nutrition, luxurious accommodations, and all the love they could ask for. We know that their social needs are just as important as their physical ones so we attend to all their needs and help them to become absolutely the best puppies they can be.

Family Puppies

Our Mini Schnauzers For Sale make great companions for anyone but they are especially great for families. These puppies are naturally family friendly and enjoy the company of the four children here so not only do you know that these puppies are born to be good around children but you know that they have had plenty of practice being around children. This means both that all of our puppies have gotten plenty of loving attention and each one loves being around children. If you have fond memories of growing up with your own Toy Schnauzers or if you just want to start out a new tradition for your family then consider our Schnauzer Puppies For Sale. They were born to be part of loving families.

I want to thank all of my past customers.  THANK YOU!!!

Hope you enjoy my babies as much as my family does.


Taneal & Sassy                                           Colbi & Camero


For your peace of mind, all of our puppies come with a 3 year Health Guarantee. You can be sure that their shots will be up to date and that puppies will have been wormed every two weeks once they are three weeks old. If you have any more questions about any of our puppies then do not hesitate to ask. As Teacup Schnauzer Breeders, we are always happy to match the perfect puppies up with the perfect owners and the perfect families.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call and ask.  Heather  (970) 275-1471

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